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Here's what to know about hardwood flooring

You will never go wrong with hardwood flooring. It adds a rich, warm elegance to your home, but there are so many questions: What's the best species? How thick should it be? Is engineered hardwood genuine wood? (Yes, it is.) Which finish is best?

Xterior Plus has been serving the Western Virginia area for decades. When looking to make your home's vision a reality, we can guide you through the entire process, from inception to design and installation. We have a large inventory of flooring products, from carpet to hardwood and tile to luxury vinyl and more. Since we understand the importance of proper coordination, we offer a range of home improvement products, such as doors, windows, and siding, etc. As Virginia-licensed Class-A contractors, you can rest assured that everything will be installed correctly and professionally.

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Solid vs engineered hardwood flooring

Only the construction is different. While solid is wood all the way through, engineered has a slab of authentic wood at the top, with three or more layers of genuine wood combined with resins. The layers are placed in a crosswise position, giving the floor more stability with an increased ability to handle water. Solid is around ¾ -inch thick, while engineered is ⅜ to ½-inch thick. Both can be refinished.

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Popular hardwoods for flooring

There's a variety of both domestic and exotic species from which to choose. Just be sure the forest from which it comes practices responsible harvesting. (You can easily check it online by exploring environmental sites.) Three are the most sought-after and commonly seen. They include oak, maple, and cherry. Exotics do cost more, but they're even a little harder. The most popular ones include teak, jarrah, Brazilian Cherry, Tigerwood, and Mesquite.

About finishes

Many floors do come pre-finished, this is the coating applied at the top to protect the floor. There are many types from which to choose. The two most popular are the ultra-tough aluminum oxide, as well as an oil-based polyurethane, which gives the floor sheen. Others are fast-drying water-based polyurethane, sealants, and shellacs. Ask your retailer about the best one for your floor.