There are many options for replacement windows and if you find yourself in the market for windows, here are a few factors and options to consider when choosing: 

The Frame

Many know a wood frame is less susceptible to heat and cold transfer than an aluminum one, however, it does not mean wood is always the best choice. Here are some options when choosing the frame…


Less expensive option, however, does not mean it is cheaply made. Limited color choices but still offers excellent energy efficiency.


Best option for insulation value, however more upkeep required. Also, higher possibility for rot in humid or rainy climates.


Extremely low resistance to heat and cold transfer, however would withstand rainy and humid climates.

The Glass

Double paned windows provide more insulation than a single pane window and when they are low-E and argon filled, they protect the interior of the house from the sun’s heat in the summer and prevent heat from escaping during the winter. They are the most logical type of window.

The Installation

Even the highest quality windows will under-perform if they are not installed correctly. Our window installation professionals are experts at their craft and have installed windows in homes of all shapes, sizes and styles. Reviewing our testimonials, our A+ BBB rating and licensed Class A contractor in Virginia, you can be confident that you will receive quality windows and a professional installation.