As we head into the fall flu season and Covid continues, it’s important to keep our home clean and disinfected to lower the spread of Coronavirus and other germs. A clean home is also a more enjoyable place to be.

If someone in your home is sick, it’s also important to disinfect surfaces.You’ll want to keep high traffic areas, such as floors and counters, as clean as possible. To lower the amount of germs that enter your home leave shoes in the foyer.

If you have pets, wipe your pet’s paws before they come indoors. Pets carry dirt, bacteria and other germs from outside.

Should You Clean Or Disinfect?

There is a big difference between cleaning your home and disinfecting it. Cleaning will help remove dirt and lower the germ count by removing germs but won’t kill the germs. Cleaning products would include all purpose and natural cleaners.

Disinfecting uses chemicals to kill germs on surfaces but it doesn’t necessarily remove dirt. Chemicals would include things like bleach and germicides.

It’s probably best to clean once a week and disinfect as needed when someone is sick. Keep up with a daily cleaning schedule and follow CDC guidelines like frequent cleaning and hand washing.

When it comes to flooring, disinfecting is rarely necessary. According to CDC studies, disinfecting floors had little impact beyond regular cleaning.

Disinfecting And Cleaning Of Wood, Laminate And Vinyl

Best practices for cleaning are to use a Swiffer, a microfiber mop or to vacuum with a soft bristle brush to collect dirt and debris. Damp mopping or using a mixture of water and vinegar can help contain dirt and bacteria as well.

To disinfect, follow the manufacturer’s instructions and remember that bleach is too harsh for hardwood.

Disinfecting And Cleaning Carpet and Rugs

Vacuuming is the best way to clean carpet and rugs. Remember to use slow passes, back and forth to get carpet clean. Fast passes don't pick up as much dirt and debris. Remember to vacuum after dusting to pick up the dirt that falls from dusting.

To disinfect use a carpet steamer and cleaners that are made for these surfaces. Look for cleaners specifically made with disinfectants.

Keep Your Family Healthy With A Clean Home

Frequent cleaning is an important step in keeping your home safe and lowering the spread of germs and viruses right now. Maintain a daily cleaning schedule to keep your family healthy.